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December deadline approaches!

After December 30th, Subscriptions will no longer include our premiere issue nor the Plank Owner's ID Card and Certificate! Of course the new subscriptions at the first of the Year will get the same booty as all subscribers do, (there's free stuff with every issue for subscribers), but the Plank Owner's stuff will no longer be available.

If you subscribe using paypal and the subscription is a holiday gift for someone, make sure that you send a separate email to: publisher@pyrates way, giving us the address for the subscription and the gift-giver's name and paypal ID. We're sending the gift packages out as soon as we get them and doing so via Priority Mail instead of the ususal Media Mail service (at no extra charge).

The Winter Issue WILL be in all major booksellers come the end of February and the Spring Issue will be rushed through to get it on the shelves at the end of April and the Summer Issue will put us back on schedule and be on the streets in July, ahead of all the Renfaire/Pyratefest activities of the Autumn. We hope to have the Autumn Issue on the shelves on "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" in September.
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