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ATTN All Pirettes!:

In honor of Talk like a Pirate Day (tomorrow Sept. 19) I'm currently working on revamping the site, but I have a few announcements of the changes thus far. As I've already said before, this LJ community is open to both men and women, but now our forum is not only open to male and female, but to non-members as well. Yup, I got rid of the password. All I ask is that you be respectful of your fellow Pirate. I'm working on a new system for the actual club. I would like to keep the members female only as that was the point of "Pir-ette", but that doesn't mean you guys can't enjoy our forum and community. I mean c'mon, every girl needs her manslave ^_~ So instead of having made up pirate characters, you can join the crew as yourself and give yourself your very own Pirate name. You can apply for higher positions in the crew such as First Mate, but I need to get the list out first. So Pirette's Club is open for membership admission, but positions are still being set up. Thank you for participating, everyone, and I hope to get this club back and better than ever!

Pirettes Club Website
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